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Forums directly support Partners in applying their business and professional background to our nonprofit engagements so that we can increase our impact.  Even better, the content was designed with our own Partners based on SVP’s work with nonprofits! Forums include specialized trainings, tools, and workshops to help guide Partners on Investee and Spark Teams, improving our effectiveness and delivering higher impact engagements to the San Diego nonprofit community.

Current Forums

Managing for Outcomes: Key Performance Indicators 

This fun, interactive workshop gives Partners the tools they need to help nonprofits define and measure Key Performance Indicators that drive organizational and program improvement for increased impact in the community. (Program Design & Evaluation)

Design Forum: Special thanks to our Partners who helped develop this material Nancy Cannon-O'Connell, Lynda Morin,  Andrea Yoder Clark

Numbers Tell the Story: Finance & Budget Planning

This training provides an overview of four areas of identified need among nonprofits within the topic of finance and budget planning that build upon one another. We walk you through a series of simulated interactions with nonprofit leaders using several examples and tools that will empower you to guide more effective engagements.               

(Finance & Budget Planning) 

Design Forum: Special thanks to our Partners who helped develop this material Jennifer Barnes, Yona Capobianco, Andy Kaiser, Rob Martens, Alan Sorkin

Upcoming Forums

Strategic Planning for Results

Creating alignment around mission, strategy, objectives, and outcomes using an established strategic planning framework… or making a new one.

(Strategic Planning)

Storytelling with a Purpose

Delivering targeted messaging geared toward specific audiences to inspire action.

 (Communications & Messaging)


How did we get here? 

Design Forums

Design Forums are small groups of Partners who meet for a limited time to advise staff on developing tools and trainings for topics presented as Forums. We focus on SVP capacity building support areas of greatest need for nonprofits. Together we answer the question: What support do nonprofits need from us, and how can we equip our Partners to provide it? Partners with content area expertise or SVP team experience on selected topics will participate. Design Forums will launch on a rolling basis throughout the year, each lasting approximately four to six weeks. The Partner time commitment between meetings is minimal as Partners advise staff rather than developing the content and tools for the Forum themselves.

Where are we going? 

The Exchange

Curated tools and examples across various support areas, developed within Design Forums and presented in Forums will be made available to Partners in the Exchange. These frameworks and guides will exist in the Partner Portal of the SVP website for reference and ease of use by our Partners. While some training and context may be helpful in implementation, all Partners will be able to access a robust library of resources via the SVP Exchange to use in their work with nonprofits. SVP staff will provide customized support throughout each engagement while we continue to rely on Partners' professional experience in the nonprofit's support area of need.

What will be the outcome?

Nonprofit Impact

We will know that the Exchange is a success if the nonprofits that we work with are more successful in increasing their capacity and consequently increasing their impact. This means that our Partners are more effective in their engagements with nonprofits because they are better equipped to translate their professional and business experience into direct work within the social good sector. We expect the SVP Partner experience will also improve because their skills are effectively translated to consulting engagements that result in increased impact for the nonprofit.