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Impact: Welcome
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An investment in SVP super charges our community. Your support will make it possible for SVP to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of those organizations improving our community every day. That way every dollar that they receive goes farther.

Or contact CEO Sierra Visher Kroha to learn more about the power of your support. 


“My family invests in a range of organizations that we are passionate about, and we donate to SVP alongside. Nonprofits can use our funds for more impact when their organizations are effective and efficient. They can’t always do that alone.”

Leigh Johnson, Supporter

Turning Intention into Impact

So often, funding just isn’t enough to translate good intentions into results. That’s where Social Venture Partners comes in. We align with local nonprofits to increase their effectiveness and build their capacity. 


Our pro bono consulting enables high-potential organizations to tackle the sticky issues that inhibit their impact. We collaborate with nonprofits to develop strong business practices in areas ranging from strategy to operations and everything in between.


Our member Partners bring decades of business and nonprofit leadership experience to the table. They give their time so that San Diego nonprofits can become more sustainable, strategic, and ultimately more impactful. 

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“I don’t think we’d be where we are today [without SVP]. The facilitation value SVP provided us helped to cut our learning curve in half. The biggest thing that points to the success of our partnership is that we are now using these tools we’ve developed to move forward. This translates to our ability to increase our impact specifically with the youth we serve.”

Ben McCue, Executive Director, Outdoor Outreach

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