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Lead Partner is one of the most rewarding, engaging, and hands-on experiences that

San Diego Social Venture Partners offers.

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Staff Support


Project Support

Staff will source quality projects with high potential nonprofits and build a strong foundation of trust, providing context for the work to get you started. They will also...

  • Help to align goals with organization's needs to ensure size and fit of the project

  • Identify Partners who can support project priorities as needed

  • Share useful tools, frameworks, and resources

  • Convene Lead Lunches with other Partners, providing program updates and sharing resources and tools

  • Be a thought partner available to provide a listening ear, suggestions, and relevant strategy to ensure quality of the nonprofit engagement

Meeting Support

You can expect staff to attend the following meetings:

  • Internal SVP Team Meetings

  • Nonprofit Engagement Kickoff Meeting

  • Scope of Support Review

Regular engagement meetings with the nonprofit are the responsibility of the Lead Partner.


Engagement Materials

Use this agenda as a starting point for running your first full team meeting with the nonprofit.  Staff will participate and present SVP as needed.

This document will define and describe the working relationship between SVP and the nonprofit.  Begin developing the scope of support at the kickoff meeting with the nonprofit, refine with your team and SVP staff, and finalize collaboratively with the nonprofit.  The final version provides a helpful reference point for the team over time and can be revised or expanded if needed.

A Memorandum of Understanding is sent to the nonprofit once a Scope of Support has been established for the engagement. The Scope of Support is attached as an appendix to the MOU. This document outlines the key elements of our partnership to support mutual understanding between SVP and the organization's leadership, including the board of directors. 

Upon completion of the engagement, staff will develop this impact statement to tell the story of our work with the nonprofit.  This will include feedback from the team and the nonprofit and include an externally facing blog post.

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