Kid Pointz was created by Martin Goodman, a father of four, who likes to say that Kid Pointz was "born out of chaos" as he and his wife struggled to deal with the challenges of everyday life with kids. Marty is a serial entrepreneur, having built several successful businesses, and recognized that there was a real need for a website focused on child behaviors to help parents deal with the same issues that he faced in his own home. So he developed Kid Pointz.


With the help of his wife, the kids, other parents, and lots of parenting and child behavior experts, he set out to develop an online "instruction manual" to help with the wide range of behavior issues that every parent faces as their children grow and develop. And because no two kids are the same, we provide a variety of different approaches and solutions, so you can find the one that works best for you and your family.


Marty has been local since 1986 after moving from Cleveland, Ohio.He is an adjunct professor in USD’s MBA program and a volunteer instructor at Junior Achievement.  Ellyn and Marty were attracted to SVP because they met other like-minded people who have a passion for giving back.


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