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Fostering Independence and Growing Revenue Streams with HandsOn San Diego

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring HandsOn San Diego

We can’t help but smile when an organization comes to us ready to “spin off” on their own. This step usually means a well-defined mission, proven programs, and increasing maturity.

An independent 501(c)(3) designation can bring greater flexibility to organizational operations, and with this flexibility comes increased complexity. This is where SVP Partners are in their element!

HandsOn San Diego was founded by Partner Jaci Feinstein in 2013. The current management team requested the support of a Spark Team just as they were beginning their transition to an independent 501(c)(3). A team of Partners quickly identified they could provide the most value to the organization through an analysis of potential revenue streams and recommendations for implementation. Along with independence, strengthened revenue streams would allow HandsOn San Diego the ability to bring even more volunteers and nonprofits together for mutual benefit.

An SVP team of Partners including Dave Meader (Lead), Richard Bockoff, and Ryan Bordelon rolled up their sleeves to initiate background research and share strategies around membership pricing, marketing, cultivating stakeholder relationships, as well as suggestions on how to improve online searchability.

“The Spark Team was very engaging and helpful. They helped us look at our organization with fresh eyes and gave us useful suggestions for improvement,” said Executive Director Lisa Lindgren. The most satisfying part of the engagement? The organization putting the plan to practice. "We encouraged HandsOn to ask people for money more often. Sure enough, they asked us! Job well done,” shared Lead Partner Dave Meader.

HandsOn San Diego plans to achieve their independent nonprofit designation in the coming months. While "spinning off” may seem daunting, the nonprofit’s leadership now has confidence in its new strategy and guidance in implementation from professionals in the field. This front-end capacity building and strengthening of business practices is essential for those seeking a 501(c)(3) status. HandsOn San Diego is well positioned for future sustainability and increased impact with a roadmap for revenue growth in hand, thanks to an experienced team of SVP Partners. We’ll be rooting for this organization bridging the gap between the time and talent of volunteers and community need.

Do you have a background in nonprofit management? Are you interested in sharing your experience in the sector with growing organizations? Visit our webpage to learn more about becoming a Partner with SVP.

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