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Idea-Concept-Execution: Diversifying Revenue Steams with AAP-CA3

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring AAP-CA3

The San Diego Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, CA Chapter 3 (AAP-CA3) is a local leader in children’s health and well-being, offering member services to pediatricians in the region and overseeing several community child health initiatives that support children and families of our county. When the organization was accepted as an Investee during SVP’s FY’19 Funding Cycle, they anticipated the support of a team of Partners to help them make connections to the larger community and diversify revenue streams. San Diego Social Venture Partners expansive network of Partners and professional contacts proved to be just what AAP-CA3 needed to move from idea, to concept, to execution.

Within the course of a few initial conversations, the Investee Team knew the organization had a great thing going with Healthy Development Services, a project AAP-CA3 coordinates for the First 5 Commission of San Diego. This project provides health-oriented services to children ages 0-5 living including developmental and behavior coaching and therapy along with parenting classes and care coordination for families involved with the program. Meredith Kennedy, AAP-CA3’s Executive Director/ CEO, hoped the organization’s coordination of Healthy Development Services (HDS) could eventually be a revenue stream by charging other community entities, not part of the HDS system, by offering offer its curriculum and training. SVP Partners leveraged their professional expertise and networks to move AAP-CA’s idea to concept. SVP Partners Steve Bernitz and Lauren Silverman helped to review the project’s curriculum and programming and identified organizations that might want to be trained and a model of pricing.

During AAP-CA3’s second year as an Investee, Lead Partner Kate Parmer worked with Kennedy to further develop a base-model for program pricing, including finalizing a pricing packages list. In its most integral effort, the team connected the organization to an Intellectual Property Law Attorney through the deep network of SVP’s personal connections. An IP attorney was able to assist AAP-CA3 in filing a patent application and the patent prosecution process. In record time, the organization was granted a patent for Baby Steps. Baby Step offers caregivers of infants from birth up to 15 months an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with their babies and make meaningful connections with other parents. The class series focuses on social-emotional development where caregivers learn how to understand their baby’s cues and how to respond to them. Caregivers are also supported in developing their self-confidence in parenting. Project executed!

AAP-CA3 now monetizes specific trainings by charging other community organizations, not part of the HDS system to offer its training and curriculum – a new organizational capacity that is both a win for their bottom line, and for parents and children across the region.

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