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Lit a Fire! SVP and OG Yoga

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring OG Yoga

SVP was there for OG Yoga during one of the most tumultuous times in our global history – through the COVID 19 crisis. Specializing in trauma-informed yoga, OG serves marginalized individuals to support healing, resilience, self-development, and positive social change. Their yoga studio is central to program delivery, and of course, closed because of the pandemic.

With few other places to receive truly pro bono, long-term support, OG Yoga applied for a Crisis Response Spark Team. We were glad to work with them! SVP Partners with a range of professional backgrounds from financial planning, marketing and law were able to apply their expertise right away to help OG Yoga prioritize, navigate through change, and make financial plans.

They quickly shifted their programming online but had to adapt to a rapid decline in earned revenue from closed classes and teacher training workshops. They asked for our help to make the strategic shifts necessary to stay in operation including identifying new revenue sources, developing a marketing plan to communicate with funders, and positioning for recovery.

The SVP team reviewed revenue sources and budget objectives to enable OG Yoga to attain greater sustainability. After identifying teacher training as a key revenue stream, the team worked with OG to develop a marketing plan to attract workshop participants.

Executive Director Joann Jaffee reflected, “I am so appreciative of our time together in 2020 (that) resulted in a Sustainability Plan, an organization budget spread across our three distinct programs, and a marketing plan to fill our 2021 30-Hour and 200-Hour Schools.“

“I learned so much and appreciated the challenge. In essence you all lit a fire under us,” said Jaffe.

It was certainly a two-way street. SVP Partners were gratified to turn their many years of private sector experience into positive change.

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