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Local Support for Nonprofits Adapting to COVID-19

San Diego Social Venture Partners stands ready to support nonprofits in San Diego at this difficult time. Read on for resources and to seek SVP volunteer assistance.

SVP Volunteer Support

Our members, called Partners, care about the success of the nonprofit sector and are ready to offer their business skills and their time. If your organization needs advice, connections, tools or resources during this time please reach out Executive Director- We may be able to offer financial modeling, scenario planning, communication, and messaging advice, or other business-related skills.

Potential Financial Assistance

The United Way of San Diego has established a fund that will help individuals pay for utilities and housing. Your clients may be eligible for this financial assistance. Information and a link to apply is here.

Your organization may be eligible for some of this support, and your networks may be interested in contributing. Click here and then on the "Response Funds" tab to see each fund's website for more details.

Useful resources to improve organizational resiliency

Below are links that might be of help to your organization.

San Diego Social Venture Partners will continue to provide information and resources as we know Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to have an impact worldwide, nationally, and in San Diego. Our hearts go out to those who have been affected.

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