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Not Just the Organization

Emily Moberly, CEO and Founder of Traveling Stories shared her unique perspective on one of SVP's softer impacts. She says, "When we first met SDSVP I was burned out and suffering PTSD from a bully board member. I was committed to our mission but did not love my job anymore.

Our SVP team, led by Philip, took me under their wing and nurtured my tired soul. They listened to our team's needs and helped create a plan that slowly but surely turned many of our pain points into strengths. They showed up, took my calls, let me vent, and gave me advice even when it was hard to hear.

I am happy to say that I do not feel burned out anymore and I look forward to work. I know it's not all about me, but I wanted you to know that your work doesn't just impact the kids or the helps those of us who work for the organization, too!"

The mission of Traveling stories is to empower children to overcome hardships by falling in love with reading. Although COVID-19 has created a learning crisis, they are committed to providing children with access to books through their ongoing Book Delivery Project. Families can sign up to receive 3 free books in exchange for a small donation.

Wait...There's more! Recently, Traveling Stories has launched a Reading Raffle App that encourages children to write book reviews for a chance to win a prize. The organization has empowered 9,182 children since 2010 and they are more to come!

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