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Our Impact- Chicano Federation

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring Chicano Federation

Chicano Federation sought SVP support through a Crisis Response Spark Team in the early days of the pandemic. While they originally reached out for help with fundraising, the SVP team quickly identified the opportunity for Chicano Federation to free up funds from their real estate portfolio. The organization owns and manages nine affordable housing complexes.

Bringing deep real estate expertise to bear, the SVP team analyzed the portfolio and recommended hiring an outside property manager. The team then worked closely with Chicano Federation to identify and interview potential property managers. Though they have yet to make a final selection and contract a manager, the SVP facilitated process helped the organization realize the need to prioritize optimizing their real estate assets and allocate resources toward hiring a real estate consulting firm to advise the board and see them through the implementation stage.

Executive Director Nancy Maldonado said, “It was helpful to know that I had a group of experts and professional in my corner that I could turn to

for questions or support.”

With a $17mm annual budget, Chicano Federation provides a variety of

comprehensive, neighborhood-based services to a large and diverse population. Its mission is to invest in underserved communities through programs that promote self-sufficiency.

It offers a wide range of programs that help low-income children and families including subsidized childcare for infants and toddlers, early childhood education at a preschool in Barrio Logan, subsidized meals for over 7,000 children a month, 300 units of affordable housing at nine apartment buildings in the Barrio Logan, City Heights, and South Park neighborhoods of San Diego, and a workforce development program that has helped to start hundreds of small businesses.

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