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Our Impact- Duwara Consciousness Foundation

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring Duwara Consciousness Foundation

A team of our Partners jumped at the chance to support a nonprofit on the front lines of providing food and care to those most in need. Duwara Consciousness Foundation is a new nonprofit that launched a free food truck that serves low-cost, vegan meals to the homeless in Downtown San Diego. They then designed and deployed a shower truck to serve the same population. With a passionate all-volunteer staff and $350K of annual revenue, Duwara sought to expand their programs and purchase land to provide micro-housing in a cooperative community.

Duwara asked for SVP help with Real Estate & Facilities, Marketing, Information Technology and Revenue Stream Development. Our work with them involved multiple sub-teams of Partners sharing expertise and advice in these multiple priority areas. The project crossed into Strategic Planning and Communication and Messaging. While most of the assistance that Duwara desired was beyond their current capabilities, SVP’s recommendations and feedback will ultimately assist this nonprofit in anticipating, preparing for and successfully implementing each suggestion at the appropriate point Duwara’s organizational growth and maturity.

Duwara is an organization with substantial potential, and there likely will be further opportunities for SVP to assist and guide them as they grow and develop increased capacity and funds.

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