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Our Impact- Words Alive

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring Words Alive

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, SVP offered Crisis Response Spark Teams to former Investees. Words Alive! sought SVP’s support as they made a quick pivot to an online delivery model while reworking their revenue stream given the cancellation of their major fundraiser, a gala luncheon.

A small team of SVP Partners held several sessions with senior staff at Words Alive! to talk through strategies and ideas and provide a robust sounding board. The team worked closely to identify priorities and navigate the way forward for both programs and fundraising.

Executive Director Rachael Orose shared, “SVP has given me space to think and wrestle. We were moving and are moving so quickly that the opportunity to take a step back and try to explain the strategy and hear from a team of remarkable business experts who were saying, “have you thought about it this way? Have you thought about what this impact might look like this other direction?” As a nonprofit struggling through this crisis, our blinders go up on trying to figure out how to provide service to the community. Having that space to think and that sounding board is exactly what we needed.”

Words Alive! is a literacy organization that connects children, teens, and families to the power of reading by creating empowering programs that inspire life-long learners.

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