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Reconnecting with Former Investees Inspires Future Impact

This November, we facilitated two events titled "Where Are They Now." We revisited former Investees, ARTS and San Diego Coastkeepers, to catch up on their organizational development since their relationship with SVP.

On November 7th, we joined A Reason to Survive (ARTS), an Investee from 2009 to 2011. ARTS' mission is to help youth realize their full potential through the arts and creative expression. It serves as a space of inspiration for the next generation to become innovative, empathetic, and visionary creators whose work and values make the world a better place for all of us.  After, touring their facilities and speaking with their Executive Director, James Halliday, we learned how ARTS is impacting the community of National City and how they are inspiring kids to fall in love with art.  

SVP gets an inside look on a former Investee, ARTS!

On November 14th, we visited San Diego Coastkeepers and learned about their advocacy, education, beach clean up and water quality data collection work. These four programmatic pillars protect and conserve the waters of San Diego. It was a pleasure to hear about their recent growth from their Executive Director, Matt O' Malley. 

A volunteer tests water quality with Coastkeepers// PHOTO COURTESY OF COASTKEEPERS

Revisiting these connections within our community reminds us of the lasting effect of our investments, and we are grateful for the opportunity to expand our potential for positive impact.

Thank you to ARTS and San Diego Coastkeepers for hosting us and we look forward to celebrating their successes into the future.

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