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SVP Strengthens Nonprofit Providing Mental Health Services by and for People of Color

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring Urban Restoration Counseling Center

Urban Restoration Counseling Center connects individuals and families from San Diego’s historically black and brown communities with a therapist who looks like them and has similar lived experience.

Partners Susan Schindelar (Lead), Andy Kaiser, Joyce Ross, and Steve Ness enthusiastically got to work with the URCC team to see how they could help strengthen the nonprofit’s business practices and grow its impact in San Diego. Therapists turned nonprofit leaders, Executive Director Janel King, COO Shanelle Johnson, and Operations Director Diego Flores received a crash course from SVP in what it takes to operate an effective, sustainable organization.

From strategic planning to board governance, to fundraising, to human resources, and finance and budget planning, the year-long engagement covered a broad range of support areas. The SVP team shared best practices and helped URCC staff to develop policies and procedures that would serve them well into the future. Almost a year later, Urban Restoration Counseling Center has developed its very first strategic plan with operational and strategic goals. It has grown its board by adding three new members and strengthened communication among the executive team.

Building upon SVP’s coaching in fundraising best practices, URCC has been accepted into RISE San Diego’s Funding and Donor Development Program for late 2022. Speaking of money, the nonprofit has now also developed a more efficient cash flow budgeting approach that serves their program model. Underlining URCC’s success in building out its organizational infrastructure, the organization was just selected as one of five finalists out of 10 semi-finalists for Alliance Healthcare Foundation’s $1mm Innovation Initiative (i2) milestone-based challenge grant.

Small things become big things. “Working with SVP allowed Urban Restoration to develop a strategic plan and our Board of Directors” shared COO Shanelle Johnson.

Do nonprofit leaders like Shanelle remind you of yourself in your early nonprofit career? Are you ready to give back to up-and-coming San Diego nonprofits by sharing your expertise in the sector? Visit our webpage to learn more about becoming a Partner with SVP.

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