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SVP Supports Strategic Direction Setting for BLCI Under Confident New Leadership

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring Barrio Logan College Institute

SVP has known of current Barrio Logan College Institute’s (BLCI) Chief Executive Officer Sara Boquin for some time. During BLCI’s time as an Investee with San Diego Social Venture Partners from 2012-2014, Sara worked closely with our Partners as the organization’s chief operations officer. Years later, SVP is thrilled to see her at the helm of BLCI.

A few months into the job as BLCI’s CEO, Sara applied for an SVP Spark Team seeking support in strategic planning. The project was a worthy one – a nonprofit with deep roots in the San Diego community with a committed, capable leader. A team of talented SVP Partners comprised of Ralph Birchmeier (Lead) and Tom Watlington was formed to work with Barrio Logan College Institute.

The SVP team came alongside Sara to do what they do best - act as thought partners to nonprofit leaders to help them think big thoughts. With Ralph and Tom’s support, Sara developed a strategic framework for future growth and expansion for BLCI.

“The Spark Team saved us so much time and effort…we were able to generate a strategic plan and have it meet our needs,” said Sara.

The five-year strategic plan, with a vision toward the organization’s 30th anniversary in 2026, remains true to its core values of family and community while leading with the aims of consistent improvement and program excellence.

In December 2021, Barrio Logan College Institute’s Board of Directors officially adopted the new strategic plan. The organization and the Board are now focused on their work under Sara's confident leadership as she steers the ship toward an even more promising future.

Do you have a background in nonprofit leadership? Are you interested in supporting the next generation of leaders in the social good sector? Learn more about the SVP Partner role here.

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