Ms. Carman founded T3W Business Solutions, Inc. (T3W) in 2004 and currently serves as the CEO. T3W is a group of creative data-geeks, engineers, planners and programmers who are passionate about data and quality. They specialize in environmental compliance, data management and developing multi-platform apps that improve efficiencies and save money throughout organizations. They also support our clients’ programs in facility planning, large-scale military training exercises, construction management, administration and health care analysts for our troops and their families.

T3W began in a small backyard apartment and grew to occupy a building located in Old Town, CA. T3W clients include several branches of the military in Japan, AL, AZ, CA, DC, MD, OH and VA.

Prior to attending college, Ms. Carman worked as a volunteer with Amigos de las Americas for four years and traveled remote areas in Nicaragua and Ecuador giving medical assistance. Ms. Carman received a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University and worked in the aerospace industry as a Materials and Processing Engineer and as a Manufacturing Engineer. As an engineering consultant, she worked with Navy installations supporting environmental cleanup, GIS and data management efforts.