Erica Weinberg has over 20 years private and nonprofit sector experience, working on corporate responsibility, business planning for nonprofits and philanthropy issues, and in developing and managing global corporate responsibility and philanthropic programs. As owner of EWeinberg Consulting, Erica works with individuals, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, foundations, and corporations to design and implement meaningful and impactful philanthropic and corporate responsibility strategies.

As Director of Global Philanthropy as well as Director of Corporate Responsibility at Pfizer Inc, Erica oversaw the implantation and evaluation of global health and community grant programs totaling $50 million. In addition, she was responsible for the oversight of the corporate responsibility function and implementation of its strategies, including stakeholder engagement reporting and designing philanthropic and social investment strategies.

Prior to Pfizer, Erica was at TCC Group where she worked on a variety of capacity building, strategic and business planning, and grants management projects for nonprofits, corporations, and private foundations. She has extensive experience leading diverse clients and teams through business/strategic planning and program development processes and engaging with key stakeholders. Erica has extensive knowledge in a diverse range of domestic and international issues, including healthcare, human services, education, and youth. She has worked with various foundations and corporations to design and implement high-impact philanthropic programs, in addition to designing and managing multi-million dollar initiatives at Pfizer. Her work has also included stakeholder identification and engagement, and measurement and reporting.

She has presented extensively to a number of audiences on philanthropy, including Council on Foundations; Public Affairs Council Corporate Community Involvement; United States Conference on AIDS; Pharma PR & Communications Summit; National Association of Community Health Centers; Grantmakers in Health; International AIDS Conference; League of United Latino American Citizens; and American Public Health Association.

Erica received her Master's Degree from the Johns Hopkins University/School of Advanced International Studies. As a graduate student, she worked with the International Rescue Committee and performed research for two public policy think tanks, TransAtlantic Futures and World Policy Institute. Erica received her Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from the University of Southern California.