Former Microsoft executive and human development specialist Leigh Kole Johnson draws on a broad set of personal experiences and professional training to help clients build better lives and teams achieve higher levels of motivation, satisfaction and effectiveness.

Leigh leads powerful group retreats, coaching teams and individuals in the areas of strategic development and execution, team building and alignment, leadership development, and managing change. Leigh is particularly adept at helping seasoned executives maximize individual and team performance.

In coaching and facilitating, Leigh’s work applies scientifically tested principles from the cutting edge fields of neuroscience, behavioral economics and positive psychology. Leigh helps individuals and groups gain clarity on desired outcomes, increase unity and alignment, and overcome obstacles internally and externally to generate powerful results. Versed in the languages of business, strategy, and nonprofits, Leigh quickly engages in the challenges facing her clients and communicates in ways that effectively engage experienced professionals.

Leigh’s clients include public and private companies, local and international non-profits, and individuals pursuing career and life changes.

Before becoming a facilitator and coach, Leigh worked for over a decade as an executive for Microsoft and other technology companies, developing market and business strategies and managing multimillion dollar products including Excel and Flight Simulator. She was part of Microsoft's highly regarded Recruiting and Talent Development team, assisting Senior Management with organizational planning, recruiting, and team development. Leigh also served as the Director of Strategy for MSNBC.com. After leaving Microsoft, Leigh spent a year traveling, consulting, and doing nonprofit work, then joined Avenue A/Razorfish as part of the management team that guided the company through a successful IPO.

Leigh graduated from Brown University with highest honors and dual degrees in American Culture and Organizational Behavior. In addition, Leigh has completed the full academic coursework for a PsyD in clinical psychology.

She is deeply committed to giving back to society and currently holds instrumental positions with several local and national philanthropies. Together with her husband David, daughter Mallory, and their 3 dogs (Snow, Candace and the newly-added Hennessey), she enjoys spending time taking advantage of life in Southern California.