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Adriana is a doctoral candidate, an evaluation consultant, and co-founder of
Colmena-Consulting, a social venture startup created to offer an innovative professional services model for social change actors. Colmena supports those seeking to mobilize resources and people to create change, repair harm, and build power in marginalized communities. She designs research and evaluations to center community voices that are often ignored when determining successes or challenges in collective action efforts.

She serves as the embedded evaluator for Philanthropy Together and has conducted evaluations for the Latino Community Foundation and Influencers for Justice. She is currently working with the Johnson Center for Philanthropy to do a national landscape of giving circles to make visible philanthropy in marginalized communities. Adriana was previously a fundraiser in NYC, DC, San Diego, and Mexico City, where she raised funds for community health, human rights, civil rights, and decolonizing museum collections for U.S. local, state, national, and international nonprofits.

Adriana has a BA in Political Science and French from the University of San Diego and an MA in human rights from Columbia University. She is a doctoral candidate at the University of San Diego School on Leadership and Education Sciences where she is writing her dissertation about Latino Giving Circles.

Adriana serves on two global philanthropy boards, the Women’s Funding Network and Social Venture Partners International. Born in Mexico and raised in Chula Vista, Adriana resides on the US-Mexico border, the most transited international border in the world.

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