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Holley Fowler Martens serves as a trustee and administrator for The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation located in Northeast Ohio. She integrates her social work background in her role as foundation administrator, bringing a unique perspective to the grant making process.

Upon graduating from Case Western Reserve University Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences in 2007, Martens was employed by Shaker Heights Youth Center and placed in Student Assistance at Shaker Heights Middle School. There she worked with students, families and school staff on student academic success and school affiliation. She created partnerships with prevention providers and coalitions in NE Ohio while organizing community engagement programs and projects pertaining to student social and emotional health. She also facilitated groups focusing on social, therapeutic, leadership and violence prevention utilizing evidence – based curriculum.

Community involvement has always been a priority for Martens. Her undergraduate degree in psychology from DePaul University (1990) aided her in working with several youth serving organizations, ranging from a half-way house for teens in San Diego to designing an alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention program for Cleveland area middle schoolers. The resiliency witnessed, in both volunteer and work experience, in many of these adolescents invigorates her; and provides hope while knowing the steep incline and hurdles many of these vulnerable and traumatized youth have as they navigate into adulthood.

Martens and her husband Rob recently returned to the San Diego area, having left the area in 2001 in order to raise their three children near extended family members in Cleveland. They are excited to reconnect and reestablish relationships with community members and organizations.

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