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Steve and Pam Ness were relatively new to philanthropy before joining Social Venture Partners. They always donated to their church, school and the PTA, but they wanted to see how they could make more of an impact with their dollars.

After selling their company, San Diego-based Dynamic Instruments, Inc, they decided to dive in and utilize their 30 years of entrepreneurial expertise by helping the community in a different way. They had more time, treasure and talent to give but wondered how to pick the “right” organizations. With like-minded people to help them hone their philanthropic skills and leverage their entrepreneurial skills, SVP was the perfect choice for Steve and Pam.

In addition to helping TKF with outcome planning and serving as a Partner, Ness enjoys supporting Pam in renovating distressed homes. They both look forward to traveling more, being more spontaneous and discovering what the future has to offer.

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