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Robin Pruitt is a retired corporate lawyer with over 30 years of experience. She served as general counsel for a variety of San Diego-based companies across a spectrum of industries. Prior to that, she gained extensive experience practicing general corporate, transactional and securities law in a variety of law firm and corporate settings in New York City and San Diego.

Pruitt is delighted to rejoin SVP after a hiatus of several years. During her prior time as a Partner, she served on several SVP committees, participated in multiple prospective investee Interview Teams and was as a Lead Partner.

Pruitt graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BS in finance and economics and earned her Juris Doctor degree from Boston University School of Law.

Following her legal career, Pruitt attended a raw vegan culinary institute as well as nutrition school. A bit of a nutrition geek, she has a strong interest in holistic health and efforts to improve the US food system.

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