Board Chair

His successful career as a television news producer throughout California helped Scott Tritt develop an ability to tell stories in a compelling and memorable way. Now he’s using those skills to help SDSVP and the nonprofits we serve.
Scott started working for nonprofits with the Disability Awareness Network. Last year, Scott joined the Lead Partner Team for A Reason to Survive (ARTS). A highlight of his involvement is his relationship with their Executive Director, Matt D’Arrigo. “Critical thinking that can take an organization to the next level” inspires Scott. For Scott, variety in his SDSVP experience is equally important: “I can get deeply involved with ARTS, and also have the chance to join group discussions to learn about new opportunities, and broaden my experience…or network with other Partners and friends.”
In his free time, Scott enjoys following Kobe Bryant and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers. Earlier in life he was a trumpeter and says, “if there’s a desire to put together a band for SDSVP, I could probably be recruited!”


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