Our members, called “Partners”, pool their funds and work together to identify high performing organizations, called "Investees", that would benefit from an unrestricted grant and their high-skilled volunteer support. Through this program Partners and Investees both learn about the issues in their own backyard and effective philanthropic practices.



Organizations that receive our unrestricted, multi-year grants are called “Investees”. Along with the monetary support, Investees receive the dedicated volunteer support of a team of SDSVP Partners throughout the multi-year period of our Investment. Together, we work to strengthen the business side of our Investees and help them become skillful, strategic, and sustainable.

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We value continual learning and strive to better the skills, knowledge and connectedness of our Partners by providing a variety of educational opportunities that expose them to different social issues in San Diego, skills needed to work with nonprofits, and ways to deepen their own giving. We also provide training to nonprofits and social enterprises to help them strengthen their organizations, not just their programs. Perhaps most meaningfully, we integrate shared learning into our ethos and learn from each other, our mistakes and our nonprofit partners.


SDSVP Partners want to do more than write a check. Once we make a grant to an Investee, our Partners work hand in hand with that organization for at least two years to transform their business. Even organizations that don’t receive our financial support can request the help of our Spark Teams that can often provide specific assistance in one or more areas such as finance, strategic planning, HR, etc. This support always starts with a brainstorming meeting; and, when we have the expertise and availability to help, it can turn into much more.