Lead Partner: Sandra Timmons

Casa Cornelia Law Center is a public interest law firm providing quality pro bono legal services to victims of human and civil rights violations including unaccompanied children fleeing violence, asylum seekers who fear persecution or death in their home countries, and survivors of serious crimes including domestic violence and human trafficking. Casa Cornelia has a primary commitment to the indigent within the immigrant community in southern California. Casa Cornelia strives to educate others regarding the impact of immigration law and policy on society and the public good.

Founded in 1993 and located less than 20 miles north of the busiest land border crossing in the world, Casa Cornelia provides a bridge to justice for those who come to the U.S. seeking safe refuge from these human and civil rights violations. Among San Diego’s immigrant community exists a large population of men, women and children who have a legal right to remain in the U.S. but are unable to access this right due to poverty, past trauma from persecution, language, and other barriers. Lack of access to quality legal representation keeps these individuals from enjoying safe, healthy lives, achieving economic independence, and integrating into our communities. Before Casa Cornelia’s inception, many indigent immigrants and asylum seekers who could not afford legal counsel were unable to secure the rights and relief available to them under U.S. and international law.

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Lead Partner: Lauren Silverman

The mission of the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition (BSCC) is to preserve the dignity and well-being of labor and sexually exploited men, women, and children through prevention, intervention, and education. BSCC is the pioneer of anti-human trafficking initiatives in San Diego County and is comprised of an alliance of over 100 government and nonprofit agencies in the United States and Latin America in and along the U.S.-Mexico Border Region dedicated to combating slavery and human trafficking and fighting for human rights. Incorporated in 2002 as a 501(c)3  its purpose is to bilaterally prevent, intervene and eradicate the commercial and sexual exploitation of women and children while advocating for all exploited persons. Through the collaborative efforts of coalition members, BSCC administers a variety of projects and services for victims, law enforcement, and the community through the following “4 Ps” approach:

Prevention BSCC provides presentations and trainings on human trafficking to the community-at-large, schools, law enforcement, health providers and other victim service providers. BSCC seeks to ensure that the public is aware the problem exists throughout San Diego County including in schools, agricultural fields, private residences, restaurants, massage parlors, and more.

Protection BSCC has an emergency shelter, intensive case management and trauma-informed care that aims to transform its clients from victims to survivors to ‘thrivers.’ Assisting victims in the most critical moments after their rescue (or identification) is an important element of the BSCC recovery model as this is the time that they are most vulnerable to change.

Prosecution: BSCC assists law enforcement through our emergency response team and provides emergency shelter when a victim is identified. BSCC also refers victims to its referral network of pro bono legal service provider and accompanies the victims to trial to assist them emotionally and mentally when testifying against their pimps or traffickers.

Partnerships: BSCC partners and collaborates with our dozens of service providers, law enforcement agencies, legal services, health providers and social services in the San Diego area. Since 1997, BSCC has held monthly coalition meetings with trainers and guest speakers from all areas of San Diego as well as national leaders in anti-trafficking efforts

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Lead Partner: Don Duford

The overarching goal of Workshops for Warriors (WFW) is to help veterans be economically self-sufficient. Founded in 2008, WFW provides a compressed vocational training (Welding, Fabrication, Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), and Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Machining) that incorporates nationally recognized certification by NIMS and AWS, followed by job placement services.  These programs create a pipeline for San Diego manufacturing businesses to refresh and increase their technically skilled workforce, while improving employment opportunities to veterans.

Veterans typically face significant barriers to civilian employment and experience a high unemployment rate.  In California, nearly one in four veterans aged 18-24 were unemployed.  The WFW program is uniquely designed with the veteran in mind. It provides a safe environment in which veterans receive vocational training, commercially-viable work experience, job-placement, and an opportunity to contribute to the community.

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Lead Partner: Ned DeWitt

The Rosie Network strengthens today’s military families by providing our nation’s military entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to launch and grow their small businesses. By leveraging our technology, online marketplace and engaging in community outreach efforts, TRN creates a link between our military entrepreneurs and today’s consumers.

TRN was founded in San Diego in 2012 by three US Navy SEAL military spouse/entrepreneurs in the spirit of that iconic World War II American military spouse, Rosie the Riveter. Understanding firsthand the challenges of today’s spouses and transitioning veterans in finding gainful employment, the team originally created the Rosie’s List platform to support military entrepreneurs by promoting their small business to consumers.  The platform launched in spring of 2014 and today supports over 2000 members who are military spouse and veteran small business owners.  In the last 2 years, TRN programs have expanded beyond Rosie’s List based on the needs of our families, from our Small Business Resource Center & Showcases, to our Rock the Dot! Small Business Grant Program.  Our members turn to TRN as a trusted resource for providing the critical support needed to strengthen military families and help them gain financial security through entrepreneurship and small-business ownership.

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Lead Partner: Mark Dillon

Words Alive was established in 1999 by Leslye Lyons, a social worker, voracious reader, and professional book group facilitator. The organization was founded on the belief that if you value reading and understand its fundamental connection to all aspects of your life, you will thrive as a lifelong learner, ready to transform your community.

Today, Words Alive serves over 5,500 students and their families each month with the help of approximately 500 volunteers and 30 collaborative partners.

The Adolescent Book Group program now works with over 450 at-risk youth and includes supplemental writing and developmental workshops in addition to the fundamental book discussions. The Read Aloud Program has expanded into 181 Title I elementary school classrooms serving children from preschool to 3rd grade. In 2007, we established the Words Alive Westreich Scholarship (WAWS) which supports approximately 10-15 students from the ABG in their pursuit of higher education.

Words Alive has also developed a flourishing Family Literacy Program, providing parents with the tools to promote positive reading habits at home and the confidence to be engaged readers with their children. The program has been so successful that in 2016, Words Alive trained partners at the Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove to implement this program at their facility, marking the first time one of our programs has been offered outside San Diego County.


Lead Partners: Scott Tritt, Angela Hill and Joyce Ross

ARTS is driven by people who believe in the power of the arts to heal, inspire and empower. They focus services on children (age 3 to 18) facing many types of life challenges. ARTS does this with a growing staff and dedicated volunteers – these creative, committed and passionate people have allowed ARTS to help more than 25,000 kids in its first 6 years. ARTS currently serves thousands of kids annually throughout San Diego County at the Pat D’Arrigo ARTS Center and various partner sites. ARTS plans to focus capacity building resources in support of Social Enterprise businesses, which are central to expanding services and creating a mission-based, sustainable revenue stream.

“In one year, our relationship with SDSVP helped us strengthen our capacity, evaluate and measure our impact, and position ourselves to replicate our most successful programs and reach even more youth.”
-Matt D’Arrigo, Founder and Executive Director

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Lead Partner: Steve Ness

TKF was formed in 1995 after Tariq Khamisa, a 20-year-old SDSU Art Student, was senselessly shot and killed by 14 year old gang member Tony Hicks. Believing that there were “victims on both ends of the gun,” Tariq’s father, Azim Khamisa, reached out in forgiveness to Tony’s grandfather and guardian, Ples Felix. They became the founders of what is now TKF.TKF presents violence prevention programs to thousands of children and youth about the pain and loss that accompany violence, the power of choice, and the importance of forgiveness. TKF’s major programs include school-based violence awareness assemblies, violence prevention curriculum, leadership and character development curriculum, and community based mentoring programs. With help from SDSVP, TKF plans to strengthen organizational capacity in the following areas: Finance, PR and Marketing and Business Operations.


Lead Partners: Diana Ashton and Christine Smith

For 35 years, ElderHelp has supported independence for thousands of seniors with free personalized information and services that help seniors remain independent and live with dignity in their own homes. With the over-65 population more than doubling in the next two decades, ElderHelp must expand its funding to include fee-based programs to continue serving low-income seniors. By partnering with SDSVP, ElderHelp can achieve its social enterprise goals through the ElderHelp Concierge Club, which gives seniors and their families access to information and services at affordable membership prices.

“As an Executive Director, you need to get uncomfortable before you can reach the next level. The support from the SDSVP Partners made us dive deep into the organization – and now we’re all comfortable. Look at the results!”
-Leane Marchese, Founder and Executive Director

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Lead Partner: Richard Bockoff

Helping an increasing population of seniors, many of whom are facing or will face serious financial, economic, and medical challenges, is a daunting responsibility. When seniors with limited means need legal services, they turn to Elder Law & Advocacy, whose core mission is to protect seniors by providing legal advice, advocacy, and education.
To meet the increase in need for services, the organization recently added several new programs, including Senior Shield, a financial elder abuse and fraud prevention program; the court-based Bilingual Conservatorship Clinic in El Centro; and Partners in Caring, an innovative collaboration serving low-income minority caregivers near the border. SDSVP helped Elder Law & Advocacy build capacity within these programs.

Elder Law & Advocacy is excited about building upon the strong foundation created by their partnership with SDSVP and will continue to work on strategic planning, fiscal sustainability, advocacy, and public relations and marketing.

“With the assistance of SDSVP, the Elder Law & Advocacy staff and board have gained valuable skills to meet challenges, making significant progress towards its many goals.”
-Carolyn Reilly, Executive Director and Supervising Attorney

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Lead Partners: Morgan Day and Bob Papera

There are over 2,000 families eligible to receive food stamps in the North County coastal communities. This is still far below the low county average of 27%. Community Resource Center (CRC) aims to increase this region’s food stamp registration rate to equal or exceed the county average. SDSVP is inspired by the wide assortment of programs and services that CRC offers including hunger and homeless prevention and intervention, domestic violence emergency shelter, transitional housing, therapeutic children’s center, education and prevention programs. With SDSVP support, CRC will realign their food services to a more outcome-based model and embark on a major organizational transformation through a build-out of their existing transitional housing facilities. These endeavors will double the amount of transitional housing CRC can offer to women and children escaping domestic violence. SDSVP will provide expertise in strategic planning, fundraising, board

“The entire staff and board of CRC is thrilled to have the skills and passion of SVP involved in our organization. We are already experiencing a positive strategic shift in approach to our services thanks to the involvement of SVP partners.”
-Laurin Pause, Executive Director

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Lead Partner: Sherri Neasham

On any given day, 7,000 people are homeless in San Diego. Over $70,000,000 in state and local funding is available over the next 3 years to provide the housing and services needed, but without assistance, San Diego is unlikely to use the funds due to lack of expertise and regional collaboration.

The Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) is determined to enable San Diego’s communities to create permanent housing with services to prevent and end homelessness. Engaging and supporting local social service agencies, developers, public policy makers, and neighborhoods, CSH provides the expertise and collaboration required to finance, develop and successfully operate housing for the chronically homeless. CSH focuses on developing “supportive housing” projects which combine safe and affordable housing with services such as mental health case management. With the help of SDSVP in strategic planning and marketing, CSH aims to procure the development of over 200 new units of housing.

“Working with SDSVP, we can better define a strategic plan to then position and market the demonstrated success of supportive housing to San Diego’s developers, politicians, and communities. We’ll directly spur the development of quality housing by ensuring that San Diego uses the government funding available and permanently end homelessness.”
-Simonne Ruff, Director


Lead Partners: Amy Larson and Joyce Ross

Angels is a licensed, private nonprofit San Diego foster family agency with a unique emphasis on the stable placement of abused foster infants with healthy, nurturing families who promote emotional bonding, resulting in happy, productive, secure adults. Their vision is to be the model for improving the foster infant experience.

In 2006, Angels placed 34 babies; in 2007, the total grew to 54; in 2008, 60 more babies were placed; and in 2009, an aggressive goal of 65 babies has been set. The marketing services and strong leadership mentoring provided by many SDSVP Partners over the past 3 years have led to Angels’ success and, ultimately, to changing the lives of the most vulnerable of all foster children—the babies.

“The unique gift we received from SDSVP was a significant financial contribution that made a serious impact on the services we have been able to provide. However, the added gift of expertise, knowledge, and support provided by so many of SDSVP’s talented professionals have truly been a gift, one that will keep on giving for many years to come. We thank all Partners of SDSVP for their support of Angels Foster Family Network!”
-Cathy Richman, Founder and Executive Director

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Lead Partner: Diane Wintriss

La Cuna, Spanish for “cradle,” was licensed in May of 2005 as San Diego’s first foster family agency dedicated specifically to both the birth-to-five-year-old population and the Latino community. The mission of La Cuna is to ensure that Latino foster infants and toddlers grow up safe, happy, and healthy. SDSVP has provided La Cuna technology assistance, marketing support, and coaching on building best practices around finances. SDSVP helped the staff and board create a new method of financial planning—one that is more flexible in response to an unpredictable economy.

La Cuna continues to find answers to some of foster care’s toughest issues. By focusing on very young children, they are able to make a dramatic difference in the lives of each child placed in their care. They are leveraging the funds invested early in life to save millions of dollars later.

“When I look back on all that SDSVP has done for us over the past three years, I can tell you that the hands-on coaching and infrastructure support in helping us build a stronger nonprofit has been more valuable than the funding we received.”
-Rachel Humphreys, Founder and Executive Director

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Lead Partner: Gina Rogers

San Diego Coastkeeper’s mission is to protect the region’s bays, beaches, watersheds, and ocean for the people and wildlife that depend on them. Coastkeeper balances community outreach, education, and advocacy to promote stewardship of clean water and a healthy coastal ecosystem.
Coastkeeper continued its tremendous growth by moving into larger offices including a state of the art laboratory space. Coastkeeper also put a new boat into operation, supporting their cleanup and water monitoring efforts. Coming on the heels of the name change to Coastkeeper, SDSVP was instrumental in helping redesign the “DNA” of the organization through their marketing and membership efforts, board development, technical assistance, and strategic planning.
As a result, Coastkeeper continues to be the region’s strongest voice for clean water. In addition to organizing 10,000 volunteers to clean our beaches, last year, Coastkeeper reached a settlement with the city requiring the city to reduce chronic sewage spills by 83% and invest nearly $1 billion in collection infrastructure over the next five years.

“It is remarkable what we have been able to achieve in our relationship with SDSVP. From changing our name and enhancing our branding and membership efforts to our move to new offices, Coastkeeper is a far more effective and sustainable organization than we were just three years ago.”
-Bruce Reznik, Executive Director


Lead Partner: Eric Busboom

In the last three years, Sierra Club’s San Diego Canyons Campaign has graduated from a growing program to a new nonprofit dedicated to San Diego County’s canyons. The Canyons Campaign created 15 Canyon Friends Groups; generated 10,500 volunteer hours; enrolled 1,200 new Friends Group Members; engaged over 3,000 volunteers; and involved 1,800 youths in its educational and stewardship programs.

Initially, SDSVP supplied assistance in strategic planning, technology, marketing, public relations, and management training. Later, believing that creating a new entity would lead to a more focused organization, Lead Partner, Eric Busboom, hired a consultant to help develop a migration path and a new strategic plan for San Diego Canyonlands Inc.
While SDSVP will continue to provide consulting resources as the new organization grows, the establishment of a new nonprofit focused on San Diego’s Canyons is a giant milestone to celebrate.

“SDSVP was instrumental in developing the tools for sustainable growth of the Canyons Campaign and an essential partner in making the vision of San Diego Canyonlands, the new nonprofit, a reality. San Diego’s environment will benefit for decades to come.” -Eric Bowlby, Program Director, Canyons Campaign


Lead Partners: Diane Rosenberg

In its 15th year, Second Chance served over 4,500 clients wanting to break the cycle of unemployment, poverty, or incarceration. The agency’s nationally recognized STRIVE (Support and Training Result In Valuable Employees) job readiness program achieved unparalleled results, with over 70% of graduates attaining employment and 70% retaining their jobs after two years. Furthermore, each dollar invested in Second Chance programs returned five dollars back to the community—a 500% return on investment—via taxes paid by its clients and avoidance of incarceration costs through reduced recidivism.

Working with San Diego Social Venture Partners and the agency’s board of directors, Second Chance conducted a preliminary feasibility and outcomes study to determine how to serve more clients. During the next year, Second Chance will add a second classroom with the potential to double the clients served by its STRIVE job readiness program. The agency will also increase its transitional housing capacity by 50% to house clients while they seek employment and build savings to transition to permanent housing. Second Chance will provide two new additional programs: Financial Literacy and Addiction Relapse Prevention. Second Chance has also secured funding to conduct an in-depth outcomes study with leading experts to continue to improve the effectiveness of its programs. Having SDSVP Partners serve on the Board of Directors strengthened the link of capacity-building with strategic decisions and key initiatives.

“Social Venture Partners provided invaluable expertise in helping us determine how to take the agency to the next level.”
-Scott Silverman, Executive Director


Lead Partner: Sue Sanderson

In San Diego County, approximately 7,500 youth are in foster and group home care. Up to 300 are emancipated from the system each year. It was clear that many of these young people were ill prepared to become productive, self-sufficient adults — 50% were leaving the system without a high school diploma. Youth Empowerment Services (YES) provides services for emancipating foster youth in the areas of remedial education, housing, work readiness skills, and connections to employment opportunities. SDSVP enabled YES to intensify their services at one specific group home – the Door of Hope for pregnant and parenting foster youth. Case management, educational support, and employment preparation were made available. Job tours, workshops, and events were provided. Nearly 78% of these girls completed work readiness training and nearly half completed an internship, job experience or vocational training.

“Many lessons were learned about the special needs and challenges of girls in a group home setting who are pregnant and parenting as they are also struggling to become independent and self-sufficient. These lessons will hold us in good stead as we continue our work with them after the SDSVP grant is completed.”
-Marilyn Stewart, MSW, Director


Lead Partner: Wendy Gillespie

The goal of Junior Achievement of San Diego (JA) is to help prepare young people for the real world by showing them how to generate wealth and effectively manage it, how to create jobs which make their communities more robust, and how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the workplace. During the SDSVP partnership, JA’s focus was to create an Enterprise Village called BizTown. BizTown teaches 12,000 fifth graders annually about personal finance, business, entrepreneurship, and work force skills. The facility would be the first of its kind in California and would cost about $7.8 million including acquisition of a building and construction of the village, scholarships for low-income kids and the beginning of an endowment.

With the help of SDSVP, JA developed a capacity building plan to launch BizTown. The purpose was to increase the ability of JA staff to develop the business plan, manage a capital campaign, purchase a building, design the facility and construct it. SDSVP Partners contributed $3M of the capital campaign allowing Junior Achievement to serve an additional 12,000 children a year. The ultimate outcome was positive, and the return on investment for JA was significant.

“SDSVP brought an energy and enthusiasm to the project that was contagious. The dedication of the Partners was an inspiration to our entire staff. The guidance that SDSVP provided at strategic junctures was irreplaceable. It was clear the Partners were doing what they do best: being entrepreneurs and launching new projects.”
-Marion Paul, Executive Vice President (former)


Lead Partner: Mike Connor and Dale Stein

In San Diego County, approximately 7,500 youth are in foster and group home care. Up to 300 are emancipated from the system each year. It was clear that many of these young people were ill prepared to become productive, self-sufficient adults — 50% were leaving the system without a high school diploma. Youth Empowerment Services (YES) provides services for emancipating foster youth in the areas of remedial education, housing, work readiness skills, and connections to employment opportunities.
SDSVP enabled YES to intensify their services at one specific group home – the Door of Hope for pregnant and parenting foster youth. Case management, educational support, and employment preparation were made available. Job tours, workshops, and events were provided. Nearly 78% of these girls completed work readiness training and nearly half completed an internship, job experience or vocational training.

“Many lessons were learned about the special needs and challenges of girls in a group home setting who are pregnant and parenting as they are also struggling to become independent and self-sufficient. These lessons will hold us in good stead as we continue our work with them after the SDSVP grant is completed.”
-Marilyn Stewart, MSW, Director


Lead Partner: Paul Davis

The Mission of Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center is to connect and motivate students and families from diverse backgrounds through organic gardening, environmental stewardship, and nutrition education, empowering them to be healthy and active citizens. Olivewood Gardens inspires families to explore connections between plants, science, health, and nutrition. Their ecological, academic and culinary lessons build scientific literacy and environmental awareness, encouraging exploration of the relationship between a quality diet, sustainable agriculture and healthy living. Olivewood Gardens serves the community by hosting field trips for local schools, teaching students the importance of nutrition and providing gardening classes.


Lead Partner: Robin Pruitt

The Mid-City Community Advocacy Network’s mission is to create a safe, productive, and healthy communication through collaboration, advocacy, and organizing. Mid-City CAN offers a wide range of services and programs to serve its community in its most needed aspects. SDSVP has set out to particularly help their Food Justice Momentum Team to apply market-driven and entrepreneurial business approaches to organization’s work and fundraising. Building on past success, the Food Justice Momentum Team (FJMT) is advocating to improve access to healthy food in schools. FJMT hopes to bring the excess production of vegetables from our community farms to market. FJMT’s long term goal is the development of a “food hub,” a local sorting and distribution center that can sell healthy food to schools, increase access through markets, and create jobs. This program works directly with farmers and youth in City Heights (in 4 different languages) to teach them leadership, advocacy, and planning skills so that they may become self sustaining over time.


Lead Partner: Ann McCulloch

Reality Changers is an after-school mentoring program that helps disadvantaged San Diego youth become first-generation college students. In 2010, 40 low-income students earned $3.5 million in financial aid and scholarships from universities across the nation. Reality Changers’ staff and volunteers provide ongoing support and tutoring for students who might otherwise drop out or get involved with gangs and drugs. Despite the program’s success, there are many more students on Reality Changers’ waiting list. This is an ideal fit for increased capacity-building through the involvement of SDSVP volunteers.

“With SDSVP’s support, we’re creating our first long-term business plan, fund-raising, and expansion plans, knowing that we won’t re-invent the wheel. Your skilled Partners gave us fresh wheels to try and laid down a new track for us.”
-Christopher Yanov, Founder and Executive Director


Lead Partners: Linda Bernstein, Juliet Davenport and Robin Ritch

Audeo Charter School serves students in grades 6 through 12 seeking an alternative to traditional education. Many students transfer to Audeo because they are at risk of dropping out of school due to low grades, suspension, or missed classroom hours. Audeo’s model drives academic improvement, high-level thinking, and career exploration. Classrooms in eight San Diego County locations include several Westfield Shopping Mall sites that reach students in an area closer to home or convenient to public transportation.

Audeo is a role model school that impacts the lives of students they serve, moving 60% from potential dropout to potential college student. In order to share their unique learning environment with the community, SDSVP is helping Audeo conduct a marketing campaign complete with new messaging ideas and mediums to attract more students.

“Although our relationship with SDSVP is just getting started, your Partners are helping us develop a sound strategy to transform our vision into long-term success.”

-Tim Tuter, School Site Coordinator


Lead Partner: Tuck Forsyth

REBOOT by the National Veterans Transition Services, Inc. is an emerging San Diego-based nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting veterans in adjusting to civilian life and securing meaningful employment by combining best-practice performance social solutions and techniques. The organization was established by a group of retired high ranking Naval and Marine Corps officers and workforce development professionals who seek to fill a tremendous gap in the continuum of veteran services. Their mission is to assist veterans in making a successful transition from military service to civilian life, with all veterans achieving, within their potential, their goals in the transition domains of employment and career, education, living situation, personal effectiveness/wellbeing, and community-life functioning


Lead Partner: Ken Davenport

The Camp Pendleton Armed Services YMCA is a civilian nonprofit organization located on base. Since 1942, it has been the ASYMCA’s mission to enhance the lives of Camp Pendleton Marines, Sailors, and their families by offering programs and services that focus upon Spirit, Mind, and Body. This philosophy strengthens families and encourages individuals to achieve their full potential. The ASYMCA works collaboratively with all Camp Pendleton commands to identify avenues of service for active duty personnel and their families which are not resident within the base’s existing functions and organizations.


Lead Partner: Lisa Curry

Pro Kids promotes character development, life skills, and values through education and the game of golf. They teach kids how the rules of the game can be applied to everyday life and empower them to excel in school by providing daily homework assistance, educational workshops, vocational field trips, community service opportunities, and college scholarships. Pro Kids aims to help kids develop successful careers and to become leaders in their community. They work with 1,500 kids annually; 77 percent of these kids qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program and therefore receive free access to all programs at Pro Kids.


Lead Partner: Brad Kleban

Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI) promotes the pursuit of higher education for students who are traditionally under-represented in college through after school programs that begin in third grade and extend through college completion. They believe that when students are engaged in programs that highlight the value of being successful in the educational system, their life is positively transformed, creating ripples throughout their families and communities for generations. BLCI ensures that their students have the parental support, positive peer and role model interaction, and academic resources necessary to successfully transition from the third grade all the way through college graduation. To date, 100% of their high school graduates have gone on to be among the first in their families to attend college.


Lead Partner: Jerry Hoffmeister

Excellence and Justice in Education (EJE) Academies is a dual-language charter school dedicated to preparing students from diverse populations to excel in higher education and to be leaders in creating a just global community. EJE is a success story in terms of how it has taken the in-kind, financial and management contributions of SDSVP and produced measurable outcomes. It has met its stated goals and objectives and has gone beyond those in its initiation and development of a charter school initiative. EJE increased the number of parents participating in its programs, provided new information and training to those parents (legal rights and advocacy), tracked the academic improvements of the children of those parents, and its programs have been replicated in the community.

EJE is a solid business operation with a new budgetary system, fiscal reporting, new databases and fund raising capabilities. EJE’s membership represents a strong network of parents who have the skills and the leadership qualities necessary to communicate effectively with school administrators and members of the community. In the final analysis, EJE is a sustainable organization, both fiscally and organizationally, thanks to the investment made by SDSVP, and the hard, but gratifying work of individuals in both organizations.

“When I look back upon this past year and the countless blessings I’ve been fortunate enough to receive, I count on SDSVP as one of those blessings. Your trust in us never wavered, and your mentorship added significantly to the growth of EJE. My appreciation for your help and support is never taken lightly. Your partnership and support made me realize that, by working together, we can do things we never dreamed possible.”
-Eva Pacheco, Executive Director EJE


Lead Partner: Dale Stein

Through our Community Development, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. This is one of our key areas of focus here at San Diego Social Venture Partners, and a source of much success for our Non-Profit Organization. Get in touch with us today and see how you can lend a helping hand with this program.

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