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Innovation at the All Partner Meeting

Several Partners sit around a table, taking notes and discussing
Partners discuss potential ideas for increased impact.

At the All Partner Meeting, SDSVP came together to review our FY18 data and discuss our potential for growth in the future. It was an informative, fun, and collaborative evening where many thoughtful ideas were shared:

- Investee teams for AAP and Traveling Stories are off and running

- Our Spark Teams helped 24 nonprofits last fiscal year (July 2017- June 2018)

- We recruited 26 new Partners and had a retention rate of 83% (our highest rate ever)

- Sierra walked attendees through our financials (contact her if you'd like her walkyou through over the phone or a cup of coffee)

- We ended the fiscal year with a net income of ~$49,000

- We challenged ourselves: What can we do to increase our impact?

- Partners shared information from other affiliates about their strategy for increased impact- a community goal approach

- A task force formed to develop a proposal for deeper impact for further Partner consideration

Thank you to all that attended and especially for participating in these important conversations.

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