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Unleash your Potential (1).png

We are a group of San Diegans with business and operational experience who have a passion and desire to see real change in our community. Our Partners have the business perspective and operational know-how that nonprofits need and struggle to find resources to develop.

We make highly leveraged gifts of our time, talent and treasure. Being part of SVP is not just an effective way to make a difference, it’s fun too!

Team: Welcome



“When I first moved to San Diego, I began searching for ways to engage in meaningful volunteer work alongside a community of like-minded individuals. Having been part of the SVP community in two other cities, joining SDSVP was an easy choice. SDSVP is such a welcoming group and by far the most engaged and rewarding SVP experience I have encountered.”


“When I retired from the business sector, I wanted to begin a new chapter that was more community oriented. I was hoping to use my professional experience to support the greater good. SVP provided me with exactly that. I now feel a sense of purpose that I may not have found elsewhere.”


“I have always been a very engaged citizen, and I am constantly searching for ways to ignite positive change within my community. By becoming an SVP Partner, I was able to make the most of my free time while exploring issue areas and organizations within San Diego that I may not have known about otherwise.”


“When I was asked to lead Just in Time for Foster Youth as their very first Executive Director, I had no idea how much my skills and experience from a long career in the private sector would translate to a local nonprofit. Over a decade later, I've seen that the same core principles apply, and now I'm using both perspectives in the work I'm doing with like-minded  peers as an SVP partner. The first question really isn't ‘What do I know?’ It's ‘How can I help?’"


“When working a full-time job, it can be difficult to find the time to give back to your community in a way that actually feels impactful. SVP has provided me with a unique volunteer opportunity where I am now able to leverage my professional experience to make a difference."

ReneeZau sq.webp

“I’ve always been drawn to the sense of fulfillment that comes with volunteering for non-profit organizations, and even though hands-on volunteer work was fun, it never felt like the best use of my time or skills. Becoming an SVP Partner helped me find the project-based volunteer opportunities I was longing for. Now I’m making a greater impact than I ever imagined and learning so much in the process!"

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