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Impact: Welcome

An investment in SVP super charges our community. Your support will make it possible for SVP to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of those organizations improving our community every day. That way every dollar that they receive goes farther.

Or contact CEO Sierra Visher Kroha to learn more about the power of your support. 



Net Promoter Score From Nonprofits 


Return On Investment




People Impacted Each Year


Weak organizational capacity can hamper nonprofit effectiveness

Nonprofits have few places to turn for support strengthening their business practices.


San Diego professionals have untapped capability to help

Exceptional professionals want to solve the problems around them but have no avenue to turn their high-level skills to good.


We move talent off the sidelines

We recruit, train, inspire and support local professionals to provide totally free, customized, hands-on pro bono consulting to nonprofits in areas ranging from strategy to operations to everything in between.


Stronger nonprofits get better results for San Diego communities

With our support, nonprofits increase their resiliency, creativity, sustainability and impact. Therefore, every dollar they receive goes farther.

Your support is highly leveraged.

You make it possible for us to increase the capacity of dozens of other nonprofits every year.

For every $1 donated to SVP, we return $8 to the community.


Supercharge Your Nonprofit Donation

Invest in SVP to help the nonprofit of your choice build capacity and increase impact

Parker Pike wanted to help Kitchens for Good develop a microenterprise program, so he donated to both Kitchens for Good and SVP. Our team of Partners worked closely with KFG to build the program from a pilot to a full-scale apprenticeship program that is now positioned for seven-figure government funding.

Learn how you can supercharge your nonprofit investment. Contact CEO Sierra Visher Kroha

"I don’t think we’d be where we are today [without SVP]. The facilitation value SVP provided us helped to cut our learning curve in half.

The biggest thing that points to the success of our partnership is that we are now using these tools we’ve developed to move forward. This translates to our ability to increase our impact specifically with the youth we serve."

- Ben McCue, Executive Director, Outdoor Outreach


San Diego nonprofits report an overwhelming need for organizational support in marketing, strategic planning, leadership development and so much more. They rank capacity building as one of the top three most desired practices for funders. With 40% of seeing an increase in demand for their services, their need for organizational capacity is urgent.

Source: 2022 State of the Nonprofit Sector Report, The Nonprofit Institute at the University of San Diego

"We support SVP because of their dedication to enhancing the operations and increasing the impact of local non-profits, in our focus areas of food security and housing along with many others."

- Whitney Webb, Trustee, Ruth and Hal Launders Charitable Trust

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