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Michael has had a 30+ year career at start-up, small business, and Fortune 100 companies, and since 2016 has worked exclusively with nonprofits as a Fellow at the Encore organization and Consulting Partner at SVP Los Angeles and SVP San Diego. His expertise is in strategic planning and implementation, new product innovation, marketing, communications, and brand strategies that integrate data analytics with the creative side of a business.

Having held executive positions at Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, Toyota Financial Services, Union Bank, as well as the prestigious Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California, and Rebel Industries (a lifestyle marketing agency), he is uniquely skilled at integrating operational and change management functions. Michael is respected for insightful opportunity ideation, pioneering marketing and new product initiatives, and developing team member talent. He moved with his partner to San Diego in early 2019.

Michael graduated with a B.A. in music performance and education and a minor in Ethnomusicology from the UCLA School of Music. His graduate studies at the University of Virginia included business and banking.

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