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Phone: (858) 294-1445

Aarati brings a multi-disciplinary background and skillset to SVP. Her private sector experience includes research and consulting roles within a real estate advisory firm and corporate finance work supporting a large credit card business. Following her time in the private sector, Aarati transitioned into the nonprofit space to pursue a burgeoning interest in international development. She spent a year in India helping microfinance institutions with product development and subsequently worked for the Clinton Global Initiative, helping to facilitate cross-sectoral partnerships addressing serious global challenges. Immediately prior to SVP, Aarati spent time as a part-time educator, helping second-language students gain mastery of English at a public elementary school.

Aarati received her BA in Economics from the University of Virginia and her MA focused on international development and nonprofit management from the Fletcher School at Tufts University.  

Aarati and her husband have called San Diego home since 2017, after a decade of exciting moves and opportunities on the East Coast as well as in South and Southeast Asia. She enjoys learning about California’s native flora and wildlife, cooking and baking, and cracking the New York Times’ Spelling Bee with her husband and their two daughters after dinner.

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