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Continuous Learning: Developing Something Great

Community, trust, excellence, continuous learning, and personal accountability are San Diego SVP's values.

The needs of our community are always changing and we want to be ready to serve by staying innovative--this means continuously learning. Our SVP Partners are great at answering questions, so when we posed the question, "How can SVP make a bigger impact?", an incredible process of learning ensued. As a result of this work, San Diego Social Venture Partners will be starting a new program called Monday's Matter. This event will be twice a month and will feature a relevant, thought-provoking exploration of a changing topic area, a subject matter expert that speaks to that topic, two relevant nonprofits with a capacity-based challenge, and a 45 minute workshop where the nonprofits and Partners will brainstorm creative solutions. We hope to enhance our understanding of new and exciting matters by making our Monday's matter and make a difference in the community along the way.

At SVP, continuous learning means seeking increased knowledge to have a greater impact. This is the spirit of Monday's Matter--to learn and leverage knowledge for the betterment of our community. Monday's Matter will occur on the first Monday of the month from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm and on the third Monday of the month from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, starting in the fall.

Social Venture Partners allows the unique opportunity for caring and informed San Diegans to give in a strategic and highly skilled way. Our Partners not only donate money that is pooled into unrestricted grants for multi-year support, but they also donate their time to help nonprofits develop their infrastructure. This assistance gives nonprofits a higher level of capacity to deliver on their own missions. Both kinds of Partner contributions support each other, allowing for SVP to increase our impact by leveraging our collective skills, networks, and dollars.

Interested in joining? Email our Executive Director, Sierra Visher Kroha at for more information.

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