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Excellence: Stepping Up for Our Newest Investees

Community, trust, excellence, continuous learning, and personal accountability are SDSVP's core values.

At Social Venture Partners, we achieve excellence because of each individual's devotion to operating with the highest standards. We are often inspired to take our giving one step further, motivating each other to stretch.

Newest Lead Partners, Paul Rosenstein and Mark Page, are the most recent examples of Partners who are demonstrating our value of Excellence. Paul will be leading the team for The Burn Institute, and Mark will be leading the team for Hannah's House. Both hold the responsibilities for being the main liaison between SVP and their team's Investee, scoping projects for their fellow Partners, and seeking out solutions to capacity-based questions. Mark and Paul will be supported by a team of Partners inspired by both causes and the potential of these incredible organizations.

Paul Rosenstein is currently Vice President of Product Management at Next Gear Solutions. We can't wait to see what we accomplish with The Burn Institute with Paul as their Lead Partner. Mark Page is an accomplished software developer and technologist with over 25 years of experience building and managing development teams and complex projects.

SDSVP Executive Director, Sierra Visher Kroha says, "Mark and Paul demonstrate our commitment to excellence by always leaving things better than they found them," she continues, "I'm eager to see what is possible with these two very exciting organizations." These organizations and their SDSVP teams are certainly ones to watch, and we can't wait to see where this collaboration takes us next!

Social Venture Partners allows the unique opportunity for caring and informed San Diegans to give in a strategic and highly skilled way. Our Partners not only donate money that is pooled into unrestricted grants for multi-year support, but they also donate their time to help nonprofits develop their infrastructure. This assistance gives nonprofits a higher level of capacity to deliver on their own missions. Both kinds of Partner contributions support each other, allowing for SVP to increase our impact by leveraging our collective skills, networks, and dollars.

Interested in joining? Email our Executive Director, Sierra Visher Kroha at for more information.

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