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Personal Accountability: Stepping Up at SVP

Community, trust, excellence, continuous learning, and personal accountability are San Diego SVP's values.

We rely on the actions of our Partners and on their incredible dedication to deliver on our mission of accelerating positive social change within San Diego. Consistently, we are wowed by Partners who will go above and beyond, inspiring us and others to stretch. What motivates these influencers within SVP to hold themselves accountable to making the change they wish to see? We asked a few and discovered the following:

"SDSVP has always prided itself in providing a way to give more than just money to its target organizations. I tend not to be a sideline person and the opportunity to be a member and leader of the Impact Committee has given me the chance to get involved in all investments and Investees. This has worked very well for me and is just one of the many ways one can make a difference, but only if one chooses to just give it a try."

- Ken Kubarych, Impact Committee Chair and Partner

"I feel like you've got to go big or go home!"

- Mary Temple, Board Member and Partner

"In most human ethical systems—and natural systems—the measure of an individual life is a factor of the impact it has had on others. Modern philanthropy’s morality seems just as efficient: resource sharing is a functional imperative in our times, whether we are doing ‘social good,’ engaging in activism, sharing knowledge, caring, or just giving. I feel privileged that I am in a position to bear a little more social risk than some others. So, I show up and do what I can, where I can, hoping that one or two others won’t have to fight to thrive, not today. It’s an evolving aspect of my ‘svadharma’ and I am very glad of the hands-on experiences at SVP that help pull it back from the brink of the idealistic absurd!"

- Debleena Biswas, Board Member and Partner

To us, personal accountability means backing up your words with action. Part one is stepping up and accepting the responsibility of finishing what you start, and we are excited to facilitate this spark on a daily basis. We hope wherever you are on your philanthropic journey, you find the way that works for you to step up and take action. Here at SVP, we are proud to lean in in any way we can to benefit our community and accelerate positive social change.

Social Venture Partners allows the unique opportunity for caring and informed San Diegans to give in a strategic and highly skilled way. Our Partners not only donate money that is pooled into unrestricted grants for multi-year support, but they also donate their time to help nonprofits develop their infrastructure. This assistance gives nonprofits a higher level of capacity to deliver on their own missions. Both kinds of Partner contributions support each other, allowing for SVP to increase our impact by leveraging our collective skills, networks, and dollars.

Interested in joining? Email our Executive Director, Sierra Visher Kroha at for more information.

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