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Kurt Chilcott is the Co-Founder of Momentus Capital, a one of a kind innovative collaborative amongst a range of entities, including CDC Small Business Finance and Capital Impact Partners, providing capital to communities and comprehensive community and economic development nationwide. Chilcott is a servant leader and passionate advocate for economic justice leading innovative initiatives in our communities for over 40 years.

Chilcott has led a wide range of organizations and associations, including the International Economic Development Council, California Association for Local Economic Development, National Association of Development Companies, Casa Familiar, San Diego Neighborhood Housing Services, Southeastern Economic Development Council, Expanding Black Business Credit, San Diego Regional Technology Alliance and many more.

In 2023, Chilcott was elected Board Chair of the California Endowment, one of the nation’s leading health equity philanthropies. He is also currently a board member of Museum of Us, Living Rooms at the Border, NTC Foundation, LISC New Market Support Corporation and Bank of America’s National Community Advisory Council.

Chilcott has lived in San Diego for most of his life. He holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Harvard University and an MA in public policy from UC Berkeley.

At heart Chilcott is a wanderer, a poet, a voracious listener of live music and a lover of the land and its inhabitants.

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