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In 1984, Mark Fackler founded a hardware and software engineering services company called Stellcom Technologies. Over the next 16-years, with the help of talented employees, Fackler and staff built a great place to work and a great provider of engineering services.

After a capital event in 2000, Fackler left Stellcom to focus on mentoring executives and helping non-profits. His long term goal is building a sustainable manufacturing company, FMBuilt.

Born in Wheaton, Illinois, Fackler studied Economics, Computer Science and Psychology at the University of Arizona.

Fackler is Treasurer and sits on the board of Saferparks, an organization dedicated to amusement park safety. Fackler also is the former President and a board member for Tariq Khamisa Foundation, an organization dedicated to a world free from youth violence.

Fackler served as the SVP Board Chair for three and a half years and was a Board Member for six years.

In his spare time, he trains for Ironman triathlons. He takes great pride in his family, including wife Kathy and two sons, Steven and David. Fackler and his wife split their time between Durango, Colorado and La Jolla, California.

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