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Andy Pendoley, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Pendoley Strategies and Communications, comes to SVP with more than 25 years of experience as a facilitator, strategic planner and public outreach specialist.

Pendoley's passion for designing and facilitating participatory processes and developing innovative plans for organizations and communities is grounded in guiding principles of inclusivity, creativity and practicality. He has applied his experience in a wide range of multi-layered, complex community and strategic planning efforts including land use, mobility, economic development and health and human services. He is also a lecturer with the School of Public Affairs, San Diego State University.

Pendoley's professional work includes supporting nonprofit and community-based organizations with strategic planning and community engagement efforts. Additionally, most of his client and project experience is based in the public and nonprofit sectors. He served on the Board of Directors for WalkSanDiego (now CirculateSanDiego).

He holds a MA in communications from San Diego State University (2006) and a BA in sociology and organizational studies from University of California, Davis (1997).

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