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A Year of Success with Traveling Stories

Kids fall in love with reading at the Traveling Stories Story Tents!

At our last Impact Committee, the Traveling Stories team unveiled their new Annual Plan, the roadmap for our next year of engagement with Traveling Stories as an Investee. The Plan helps Investees and Partners identify their mutual goals and map out how they will work toward achieving those goals within the next year. For Traveling Stories, their main goals include improving impact measurements, expanding their services through a social enterprise model, and achieving record revenue. Together, we look forward to helping them achieve these goals.

Toward the end of the report, the team also tracked impact indicators on various details of the organization. We are happy to report on our joint successes! In the past year of SVP working with Traveling Stories, they have increased their revenue by almost 20%, increased their overall budget by 6%, and increased their individual giving by 155%! This team has made great improvements with new reporting numbers, allowing the group to collect impact like never before. Working with organizations like Traveling Stories is a real treat, and we can't wait to share more on our collaboration soon.

For more information on our Current Investees, click here.

Social Venture Partners allows the unique opportunity for caring and informed San Diegans to give in a strategic and highly skilled way. Our Partners not only donate money that is pooled into unrestricted grants for multi-year support, but they also donate their time to help nonprofits develop their infrastructure. This assistance gives nonprofits a higher level of capacity to deliver on their own missions. Both kinds of Partner contributions support each other, allowing for SVP to increase our impact by leveraging our collective skills, networks, and dollars.

Interested in joining? Email our Executive Director, Sierra Visher Kroha at for more information.

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