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Investee Update: Traveling Stories and Partner Involvement

Several people gather in a meeting space
Partners and Traveling Stories team members meet for a strategic retreat.

What has our Traveling Stories team been up to? Partners have been busy engaging with them in many new and exciting ways. SVP is excited to report on the progress of our partnership and the growing success that has come from this collaboration. In a recent meeting, the team gave updates on how the Traveling Stories team and Spark Team leaders alike have been working together to move forward in the spirit of continuous learning, establishing a track record of excellence.

Lead Partner, Philip Lurie, and Executive Director, Emily Moberly, took turns telling the story of our progress together. Emily began,

"I feel like SVP has been very personally and professionally rewarding. I feel like it has helped to ignite the potential that we knew we had. SVP has been the shot of energy, positivity, belief, and support that we needed, and it has been felt by me, by the staff, and by the board."

Energized by Emily's excitement, the meeting began with a report on the recent connection forged with the Board Development Spark Team, headed by Joyce Ross and joined by Partners, Carl Vonderau and Lisa Goodman. The Finance Spark Team has also joined the support team, and Partners, Laura Pierce and Yona Capobianco, have been working with Traveling Stories to help them tell a story with their significant financial data. Moving forward, Laura Pierce also shared they will be focusing on defining the nonprofit's objectives to organize the financials accordingly. Partner, Renee Zau, helped Traveling Stories by recommending Affordable Fundraising, an organization that Traveling Stories now uses to do grant writing. Traveling Stories' last focus was on organizing smaller events for fundraising, so they are now looking to continue that effort by finding Partners who may be interested in organizing these events to help drive their fundraising efforts.

It's no secret that our Partners are always excited to get involved with Investees. This partnership is another example of the kinds of impactful work SVP takes pride in and of the commitment of the power of working together to achieve a common goal. Keep up the good work!

If you or anyone you know are looking for support for nonprofits, email us to meet with Partners for a free brainstorming session on how we could similarly boost nonprofit capacity. Please email our Operations Manager, Taylor Bornemann, at

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