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Investee Update: Celebrating AAP-CA3 and Partner Success

The AAP team met at the AAP office

Here at SVP, one of our values is "community"-- which we define in a few ways, one being the practice of celebrating our successes. With National Doctor's Day coming up soon on March 30th, we would like to take a second and reflect on our accomplishments with the American Academy of Pediatrics, California Chapter 3 in our ninth month of partnership.

After establishing a team of Partners dedicated to providing skilled volunteering for this Investee, they were ready to go. First, they met to discuss and develop a campaign for fundraising, led by Partner, Sarah Booher, and guided by Co-Lead Partners, Lauren Silverman and Steve Bernitz. AAP also just completed a search for a newly-created position, Donor Development Specialist, with interview support from Partner, Karen Tritt. Finally, through the work of Co-Leads, Lauren and Steve, AAP has priced out the trainings they provide to third party vendors and has already been picked up by multiple clients. We are proud to report this progress of another successful collaboration and are thankful for the opportunity to partner in increasing nonprofit capacity.

If you or someone you know have a nonprofit in mind that would like to meet with Partners for a free brainstorming session on how we could similarly boost their capacity, please email our Operations Manager, Taylor Bornemann, at

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