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Partners Evaluate How to Deepen Our Impact

Partners collaborate on ideas of how to deepen impact

How can we deepen our impact? A group of dedicated and impassioned Partners have gathered for the past few months to help us answer this question. They are calling themselves the Improved Impact Strategy Task Force, and have collected data including stories, interviews, and histories to make a formal recommendation on how San Diego Social Venture Partners can best deliver on its mission moving forward. The task force began by interviewing the community and asking where the gaps were in both support and needs. They spoke to various nonprofits, funders, and community-based organizations who they thought would have the best insight into where SVP could be the most impactful. Then, the second step was interviewing our own SVP Partners. Their conversations revolved around how to deepen our impact, focusing on opportunities for involvement and how we might best leverage our skills, networks, and dollars. These meetings aimed to help inspire our current Partnership to to step up and take responsibility for the effect that we have on our community by inspiring ourselves and others to stretch. Currently, the task force has split into two groups: the first aims to increase and deepen our involvement with the nonprofit community by establishing new programmatic evolution. The second aims to ensure that this involvement has continuity and the ability to be tracked overtime. Overall, both groups have recognized that our current program, Spark Teams, varying groups of Partners dedicated to specific capacity building areas with nonprofits, is the best vehicle to continue to not only improve our impact, but widen it across more of San Diego county. The final step of these two groups will be to make a formal recommendation on programmatic and strategic advancements SVP can implement to increase Spark Team involvement and successes. Partners, if you haven't joined us yet, now is a perfect time to jump in! Last but not least, our Partners are the soul of SDSVP. To have such enthusiastic members of our organization drives us to excellence. Our Partnership is made stronger by our commitment to integrity, respect, and high quality standards. If you are not a Partner but are inspired by the passion of our Partnership, consider joining today!

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