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¡ Si Se Puede!: Nonprofit Embraces Its Own Values to Support Growth and Expansion

Featuring The Cesar Chavez Service Clubs

Building on a flourishing relationship from its first engagement with SVP, The Cesar Chavez Service Clubs (CCSC) returned for continued support last July. With a strategic growth plan in place and in the initial stages of exercising its muscle using impact metrics, the nonprofit was ready to share its story as well as its decades-long track record of results with potential stakeholders. Thus began SVP’s second engagement with the youth leadership development organization.


Pat Kaufman, Lead Partner, Steve Ness, and Carl Vonderau, each part of the original consulting team for The Cesar Chavez Service Clubs signed on once again to work with Co-Founder and Executive Director Linda LeGerrette and Operations Manager Richard Barrera. The SVP Partners were eager to extend their relationship with the nonprofit’s leadership. Pat, Steve, and Carl had a deep desire to continue to serve CCSC and move its strategic plan forward to facilitate the expansion of its programs through a fund development plan and improved communications. 


“Our SVP team was amazing! They have incredible listening skills and an artful way to guide our conversations and suggestions so that we felt we were the ones coming up with the best way to move forward. It was a truly great experience!” - Linda LeGerrette, The Cesar Chavez Service Clubs Co-Founder and Executive Director

In this second engagement, the SVP team had the luxury of continuing the conversation around CCSC’s strategic growth plan. Together they refined impact metrics for the nonprofit’s after school programs and discussed the importance of using these metrics to communicate with potential funders. The team then developed a functional funding plan that would tie the organization’s growth to funding opportunities. SVP Partners helped CCSC to identify additional revenue sources along with high potential funders. Equipped with metrics-based language, the nonprofit’s leadership developed an engagement tool that can be customized to each of their communications with potential stakeholders. They were even able to practice their approach with the SVP team.


The Cesar Chavez Service Clubs provides leadership development programs in public schools across San Diego. Through community service and opportunities to exercise their voice, students learn by experience that they can make a difference. Over 500 Chavistas, from third grade through college age, participate in CCSC’s Chavez Clubs. They learn to accomplish their goals by embodying the values of Cesar Chavez and many participants go on to be leaders in their classrooms, workplaces, and in the community.


The Cesar Chavez Service Clubs is poised for expansion. Its clear plan for growth and demonstrable impact among young people in the community is inspiring. A waitlist of schools across the County has requested a Club at their school. “¡Si Se Puede! We look forward to seeing more Clubs, and the number of student leaders with a spirit of service and determination grow throughout San Diego

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