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Inspired Strategic Planning

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Featuring Crisis House

Crisis House has come a long way in the last year. Twelve months ago, the nonprofit was in the midst of leadership and staffing transitions and unsure of what the future would look like. Now, it has a confident, no-longer-new leader. Its staff and board members are re-engaged and re-inspired and ready to achieve the goals of its strategic plan, helping more residents of East County San Diego to renew their lives. 


An SVP consulting team supported the transformation. Not merely to exercise their professional skills, but because each member of the team held the firm belief that Crisis House is uniquely positioned as an organization to provide solutions for individuals and families experiencing complex and challenging circumstances.

“While templates and documents are useful tools, what truly revolutionized our organization was SVP's belief in our potential, their conviction that we have the essential resources to serve more people more effectively, and their unwavering support and guidance” shared Executive Director Kelcie Parra.

Lead Partner Ivy Gordon and Partners Nathan Hershkowitz and Stephanie Jensen collaborated with Parra and the nonprofit’s leadership to create a roadmap to achieve its bold future vision. The team provided one-on-one coaching, facilitated strategic planning sessions, and carefully helped craft new messaging for Crisis House. At the close of the engagement, Parra reflected,

“[I have] participated in numerous strategic planning efforts that often left me feeling uninspired, the experience with SVP was a stark contrast…SVP infused our entire team with excitement for the future, inspiration to realize our vision, and eagerness for what lies ahead. This pivotal process will propel Crisis House into our next chapter, enhancing our capacity to serve more people in crisis and offer them hope and pathways to a brighter future.”

And the bright future? We have no doubt it will be achieved with the implementation of a three-year strategic plan. Staff and board members are ready to bring the nonprofit’s goal of acquiring a facility to expand its services in a centralized hub to life. Parra’s confident leadership and a spirit of shared commitment to the organization’s mission will ensure it.

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