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Strategic Planning Takes Center Stage with Unique Alliance with The Center for World Music

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring The Center for World Music

The Center for World Music, a nonprofit that fosters intercultural awareness and understanding through in-depth encounters with the world’s performing arts traditions, came to SVP with an eye toward the future.

Like many, the organization had to pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic by switching to virtual programming and concerts and expanding their reach to the international arena. The opportunities for growth were endless!

To help sift through the many possibilities for the future, the Center for World Music sought SVP’s support in developing a strategic plan for the next five years. Lead Partner Tom Watlington and Partners Robin Pruitt and Joyce Ross facilitated a structured strategic planning process that helped to answer the hard questions: was the organization’s next phase to be rooted in the San Diego community or should they expand to reach a broad range of international audiences? Together with Executive Director Monica Emery and President Tim Rice, the SVP team facilitated a series of in-person and virtual sessions to outline a roadmap for sustainability and growth.

Using conclusions drawn from a situational analysis of programming by both the staff and board, the team outlined their 5-year goals for the future along with key success factors to achieve growth and expand impact. For each goal, a strategy was developed along with anticipated challenges and tactics for implementation. A five-year strategic plan was born.

“Our SVP Spark Team helped us to think about our organization’s future and gave us the ability to work more efficiently as we build our capacity to better meet the needs of the communities we serve,” shared Executive Director Monica Emery.

The Center for World Music’s visionary leadership wanted to ensure the plan did not gather dust on a shelf. Seeing the readiness of the nonprofit, a second follow-on Spark Team was created to continue to support the organization in developing a framework for a 12-month operating plan that would include program implementation and evaluation, resource prioritization, and a forecast for future growth.

SVP’s unique alliance with nonprofits ensures they have the capacity-building support they need as they continue to advance and grow their mission. Our Partners’ ability to lead high impact engagements through authentic relationships creates an ecosystem of continued support for the nonprofit community.

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