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SVP Offers San Diego Canyonlands More Than Resources, Relationship

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring San Diego Canyonlands

Lead Partner Andy Kaiser will tell you that San Diego Canyonlands is exactly the kind of organization with which SVP loves supporting. With strong leadership, a proven pattern of growth and success, and in a moment of strategic shift, this nonprofit is ripe with potential. So, when the opportunity presented itself to work together last summer, we jumped on it. Joined by Partner Sharon Zeiden, Andy Kaiser worked closely with San Diego Canyonland’s leadership, including Executive Director Clayton Tschudy and Associate Director Miranda Hyldahl, to help strengthen the nonprofit’s human resource operations and financial planning.

“Each meeting was an uplifting experience. I enjoyed the openness and willingness of the team to learn and digest our suggestions.” - Lead Partner Andy Kaiser

Throughout the engagement, Andy and Clayton connected regularly with Andy providing a sounding board for the nonprofit leader in strategic decision-making and governance. Sharon worked closely with Miranda, taking the time to review and update the organization’s human resource procedures to fit the needs of a staff that had nearly tripled in size. The two put their heads together to pilot a certification program for San Diego Canyonland’s conservation workforce development program, even pitching the idea for partnership to the City of San Diego.

The nonprofit continues to dream big and realize bigger gains. Its staff is growing and the board expansion is well underway with renewed energy. Practical tools from SVP Partners, such as the financial dashboards may deserve some of the credit. However, for this engagement, as for others, capacity is built in the thoughtful back-and-forth of a sustained relationship of individuals.

“Andy has been a tremendous resource for me as an executive director.” - Executive Director Clayton Tschudy

SVP could not be prouder to have made the connection.

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