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A Board for the Future

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Featuring +BOX

With SVP’s support, +BOX invested the last year in a strategic planning process, seizing the opportunity to thoughtfully consider how to get where it wants to be. One of its audacious goals?  To become a replicable model for driving healthy change in the food assistance system.


The North County-based nonprofit is now on the path to expansion with plans to extend its model into Escondido and launch a nutrition education program this summer. To fuel this growth, Executive Director Wesley Burt knew he needed to invest in +BOX’s leadership, specifically its board of directors. The SVP team returned in a follow-on consulting project to provide guidance in board development. At the close of the project, +BOX has successfully recruited two new board members, and engagement among its existing directors has soared.


Lead Partner Tom Watlington and Partners Richard Bockoff, Nathan Hershkowitz, and Joyce Ross collaborated with Burt and the board of directors to develop a strategic recruitment process for new members using an informed assessment and profiles for desired candidates. The team also reviewed roles and responsibilities, adapting position descriptions to ensure relevance to achieve +BOX’s mission.

“Through this project, the SVP team gave our board of directors a roadmap for board development and expansion, providing us with the information and resources to prioritize how and who we recruit, nominate, evaluate and select to join our board so that we can effectively achieve our goals,” shared Burt.

+BOX now has a better understanding of the composition of its current board of directors, member roles and responsibilities, and the specific candidate profiles for which it needs to recruit. The nonprofit has a recruitment strategy to build a board with the necessary skills and experiences to help achieve its mission and vision for the future.


+BOX believes that the food assistance program should be focused on delivering health and wellness rather than just hunger-relief. The nonprofit collaborates with the local community to create a next generation food assistance system that fuels healthier and more successful lives. +BOX meets children and families where they are, typically at their school, but in some cases, their doctor’s office, their church or other community spaces they already frequent.  By partnering with local farmers and other community partners, +Box delivers boxes of fresh, healthy food each week to children and families experiencing food insecurity.  

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