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Nonprofit Achieves Long-Term Goals Building on SVP Engagement

A Note from Wesley House

The email came as a welcome surprise. A year and a half after SVP’s pro bono engagement with Wesley House, Executive Director Lisa Norombaba had good news.

“I wanted to let you know that you’ve had a real impact on our ability to focus on achieving our goals in service to our Mission and Vision.” - Lisa Norombaba, Wesley House Executive Director

Wesley House had just received word of significant multi-year funding earmarked for capacity-building. Guided by its strategic plan developed with SVP, the nonprofit had achieved several benchmark goals: expanding its food pantry to feed more students experiencing food insecurity and becoming a “thought leader” in addressing student poverty – guiding other university campuses to develop affordable housing and support services. Wesley House is now tracking impact measures via a new CRM system to effectively tell its story and report its outcomes.

An SVP team including Partners Michael Dowlan (Lead) and Brad Kleban supported the nonprofit in a nine-month engagement from September 2021 to June 2022. In the collaboration, the SVP team rolled up their sleeves alongside Wesley House’s staff and board members to build a five-year visionary strategic plan. The final actionable document not only served as a long-term vision, but as a blueprint for how to achieve the nonprofit’s goal of providing wraparound services to a greater number of low-income college students so that they can complete their higher education journey, experience future success, and give back to their communities.

It is a privilege to see the long-term impact of SVP’s support to nonprofits like Wesley House. Our pro bono consulting engagements pave the way to build stronger organizations better able to deliver upon their missions.

“When we all understand who we are and why we’re doing what we do, we can make a real impact in our communities.” - Lisa Norombaba, Wesley House Executive Director

Wesley House, you certainly are making an impact and changing lives. Congratulations on your recent success!

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