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SVP Partners Help Scientists Share their Story

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring The Boz Life Science Research and Teaching Institute

Marketing isn’t about what you make. It’s about the story you tell, and how you tell it. The Boz Life Science Research and Teaching Institute certainly has a story! It’s smiling, engaged young faces peering into microscopes in a lab. It’s high school students with eyes wide in wonder at a series of the data they’ve just collected on a screen. It’s a small group knee deep in the Tijuana Estuary enthusiastically collecting water samples.

When Boz Institute, an experiential teaching and learning lab, came to SVP, they hoped their story would inspire more students to participate in their research immersion programs, open doors to partnerships with schools and similar institutions in the community, and motivate donors to support their unique model. After initial conversations between the SVP Spark Team, which included Lead Tom Boyd, Maria Bennett, Richard Bockoff, and the staff at Boz Institute, it became clear that the organization could hone its message to develop a tool for engagement that would speak to a broad range of stakeholders.

The team got to work learning more about the nonprofit, its programs, its population, and its vision for the community. Together, SVP Partners and the Boz Institute staff brainstormed potential messaging for the nonprofit. They drew flowcharts, debated terms, and polished a solid value proposition for the organization. Their collective efforts resulted in a clear, concise, and visually appealing one-page marketing piece.

Our team needed a way to succinctly communicate our mission and value proposition. The SVP Spark Team provided a much-needed tool that will provide benefits well beyond our engagement” shared Boz Institute co-founder Liisa Bozinovic.

The Boz Institute now has a tool to tell their story. It’s a story of science and community, one that uses science to build community and empower marginalized populations. It’s one worth telling, and now it all fits on one page!

Visit San Diego Social Venture Partners website to learn more about becoming a Partner. Consider joining a Spark Team consulting engagement, where you’ll work with talented individuals and incredible community-serving organizations like the Boz Institute to help them deliver upon their mission more effectively.

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