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The Stars Align for Stella

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Featuring Stella Foundation

It’s not every day that we come across a nonprofit committed to the future business dreams of their clients, with the robust network to make these dreams reality.

When the Stella Foundation came to SVP a little more than a year ago, the organization aimed to grow and sustain its work both locally and nationally. We answered the call with a team of experienced Partner consultants who know the entrepreneurship space well.

“SVP supported our foundation during a very critical time in our journey…” - Stella CEO, Flossie Hall

Soon after beginning the engagement, the nonprofit experienced an unexpected change in leadership. The team collectively decided to continue to work with the organization during this transitional period. Lead Partner, Tom Watlington and Partners Joyce Ross and Jaci Sander took a flexible approach to meeting the evolving needs of the Stella Foundation, helping them to stabilize - and now, thrive.

Our consulting team listened and remained responsive to Stella’s leadership, shifting the project’s scope of support accordingly. The team first worked with interim CEO Lauren Rowley to better understand the nonprofit’s financials and course-correct to maintain operations with a limited staff. With this coaching, Rowley was successfully able to raise the cash necessary to keep Stella’s doors open. SVP continued its support when Flossie Hall was hired as the nonprofit’s permanent CEO with several strategic conversations about the future operations of the nonprofit. Alongside Flossie, the team developed a budget model and revenue forecasting for the next twelve months. Stella’s leadership took these goals, metrics, and key performance indicators to lay a strong foundation in resource development for the organization.

“The SVP team was not only highly skilled and experienced in what they do, but their ability to dedicate themselves to our mission, roll up their sleeves, and help steer us toward success is unrivaled." - Stella CEO, Flossie Hall

Stella is now in a comfortable financial position with multiple months of operating reserves, and the opportunities for revenue growth abound.

If you ask the Stella Foundation how they did it, they’ll tell you it’s their Why – an incredible ConSTELLAtion of women, founders and investors, who make up an inclusive community of support. SVP is proud to have played a part in aligning the stars so that the inspiring work of this nonprofit continues far into the future.

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