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Earned Incomed Furthers Nonprofit’s Mission

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Featuring Healing Waves Aquatics

Healing Wave Aquatics recently completed a highly successful capital campaign to raise money for a newly renovated facility with two state-of-the-art aquatic therapy pools. The small nonprofit achieved its goal of securing a home to provide trauma-informed aquatic therapy to veterans facing debilitating symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Yet, it needed to cover operating costs while growing into the facility. The organization’s leadership hoped to make up for the shortfall by taking advantage of unused capacity in their two pools. The question was how exactly to do so.

Healing Wave applied for SVP’s pro bono capacity building support to help identify and reach new customers. A consulting team including Lead C’Anne Vaughn, John Fry, and Scott Tritt worked closely with tireless Executive Director Elizabeth Berg, Board Member Will Dendy, and others. Together they completed an analysis of Healing Wave Aquatics’ financials, developed a revenue forecast model, and looked at market segmentation for the nonprofit’s outreach strategy.

“…we became a team of five, linked together with a difficult question and ready to dig in to solve the problem. We emerged smarter, stronger, connected, and ready.”- Elizabeth Berg, Healing Waves Aquatics Executive Director

The team ultimately created a business plan with fresh ideas for earned income including sourcing potential clients through existing health care providers and renting space to other professionals such as physical therapists who could help their clients. The SVP team recommended capacity building with the support of an additional staff person to support areas of expansion. Once again, this nonprofit shows it has what it takes to sustain, grow and thrive.

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