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Equipped with a Toolbox and Unparalleled Expertise

Featuring Zero8Hundred

As a new executive director at Zero8Hundred, Ashley Camac had inherited an out-of-date strategic plan. She came to SVP to help her provide fresh vision and direction to the nonprofit. A team of Partners, including Lead Michael Dowlan, Pat Kaufman and Brad Kleban sat in initial listening sessions and helped Camac to design a strategic planning process that was right for the organization’s needs.


Fresh on the heels of strategic planning training through SVP’s Forum program and equipped with a series of curated tools for the process, her team of Partners was ready to get to work. Yet it would take more than resources and templates to successfully execute the project and support Zero8Hundred.


Even more important was the team’s approach to coaching and their flexibility in designing a strategic planning process that aligned to the organization’s desired outcomes. Camac appreciated the guidance and expertise brought by Partners to begin the strategic planning process. Using SVP’s customized approach to consulting, Dowlan, Kaufman, and Kleban provided an accessible framework for Zero8Hundred.


Camac and the SVP team dove in headfirst. Using a framework in which SVP Partners are trained, the team guided Zero8Hundred in situation analysis, strategy development, and the prioritization of initiatives to evaluate the nonprofit’s organizational structure and redesign programming for improved service delivery.

“… this team helped me rethink the way I approach things and how I look at things before decisions or actions are implemented." - Ashley Camac, Zero8Hundred Executive Director

Zero8Hundred has since built out its social work intern program and acquired a large new grant award – both goals in its strategic plan.


The team’s success took more than their collective decades of professional expertise. With training, curated tools and resources, and an approach that prioritizes a unique alliance with each nonprofit, Zero8Hundred now has a roadmap for future success and a confident leader prepared to drive change for transitioning service members and their families.

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